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Throughout the menstrual cycle, our hormones change in levels of concentration which causes us to feel and act differently depending on the phase we’re in.


Why is this important? If we feel different it means our body and mind will have different needs depending on the phase we’re in - as conscious women it is our duty to support our body and mind through the different phases.


Supporting our body and mind's needs will make us feel our best throughout the month. 


Going through our cycle consciously means we adapt our diet, exercise, social life, and work to its different phases. When we do this we give the body the support it needs, instead of pushing it to perform at the same high level at all times. We’re not suppose to be active, productive, and ready for sex at all times! 


During the month our hormones - mainly progesterone and estrogen - fluctuate. This fluctuation influences our mood, energy levels, attractiveness, pain tolerance, and the foods our body craves and needs. 


A workshop for women, and men too if they wish to better understand the women in their lives 

In this workshop we are going to understand the different phases we go through every single month, what they each require, and how we can adapt in order to be and feel our best throughout the entire cycle. 


  • mentrual cycle and its different phases

  • adapting diet, exercise, social life, and work to each phase

  • yoga sequence for menstrual phase

DATES: Saturday, August 22nd

TIMES: 3:00 - 6:00 pm

PRICE: 45 euros

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