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Hi, my name is Michelle!

Here's a little introduction about myself.

This year I have completed my 36th lap around the sun. I was born in South Africa but grew up in Portugal. In my early 20s I moved abroad to complete my Bachelors and Masters and spent the next 10 years mainly in South East Asia, working and traveling.

The serendipities of life led me to being a yoga teacher today. I mainly teach Prana Vashya Yoga, which is my primary personal practice. I have been very interested in other forms of movement more recently and am very aware of their value.

I first practiced PV in 2015 and started teaching it in 2017. This practice changed my life. My MIND to be more precise. You’d think yoga is my passion. And well, it’s not far from the truth. I believe we can be passionate about a multitude of things. My real passion though is THE MIND. It’s intricacies, its ability to be programmed, how it can lead us to altered states of consciousness.

With that said I’m also very interested in the brain, the nervous system, neuroscience, as well as all things that induce altered states of consciousness such as psychedelics, dance, music, sleep deprivation, sexual euphoria, meditation, breath-work, chanting, plants.

Over the course of the last 7 years of my life I’ve done extensive work on myself and the relationships in my life. Our childhood always comes with certain traumas and wounds. I wasn’t aware of my pain up until 7 years ago. Since then and through my healing process I became interested in a multitude of other subjects: grief, death, depression, trauma, addiction, resiliency and human potential are some of them.

The most important message I take from my journey thus far is that our BODY and MIND are able to withstand and recover from almost all kinds of challenges when trained to be STRONG

My current work is to share with you the TOOLS I know that help build our PHYSICAL & MENTAL RESILIENCE. 

Take some time exploring this website to check which tools will benefit you best. Feel free to always email me if you have any questions or want to share and discuss your personal experiences with recovering from physical and emotional challenges and how you can become even more resilient.

With love and strength,


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