Prana Vashya Yoga

Developing physical & mental resilience

Till date I'm yet to find a tool that is as effective for my mental health as Prana Vashya is. The effects of this practice are so profound I sometimes find it hard to explain. And although I understand this isn't a style of yoga that suits every person I genuinely just want everyone to try it.

Prana Vashya was developed by Vinay Kumar, an outstanding human and Indian teacher from Mysore, with whom I've been training every year since 2015.

The primary series of the Prana Vashya System are a 90-minute fixed sequence that includes the practice of sun salutations plus 60 asanas which are always practiced in the same order and respecting a continuous, steady and synchronized rhythm of breath which we call flow. 

Little stressors in life will become big when our minds are weak

In life we go through physical, mental and emotional challenges on a daily basis - at work, at home, in society, in our relationships with our family, friends, and partners, and even in the relationship we have with ourselves. I think everyone can relate to this. These daily stressors require us to be patient, dedicated, present, to work hard, and accept that things are constantly changing. We don't always have this capacity though. The days we wake up feeling good normally go without much trouble. The days we wake up in a mood or where something annoying happens will feel more challenging. We are at the mercy of our emotions.

How good would it be if we had the capacity to go through our day and face these normal challenges with a calm mind? How good would it be if instead of having an emotional reaction to every thing that stresses us we had the ability to take a step back and take effective actions without disturbing our emotional wellbeing?

I'm not proposing we all turn into robots. I'm suggesting we don't waste our precious, beautiful life getting constantly worked up over things that not only are normal but in the grand scheme of things are actually very minor.  

Having a strong and effective mindset allows us more energy to focus on the important things in life - working on our dreams and purpose, more availability for our family and friends, more energy to dedicate ourselves to the issues we care most about.

Truth be said, mental health is extremely important if we want to feel good and do good.

How does this relate to Prana Vashya?

Think of Prana Vashya as a vaccine. During the practice of Prana Vashya we introduce stress to the body and mind with the intention to become immune to it.

The stress is introduced at various levels:

  • we affect the rhythm of our heartbeat by practicing a physically challenging sequence of postures,

  • we alternate the space our lungs have to breathe between limited and expansive through the different shapes we put our bodies in,  

  • we affect the nervous system as we hold challenging postures,

  • we affect our breath as our mind patterns change through the practice.

This practice feels very challenging at the beginning. However with time, dedication and a regular practice every single person learns to control their mind and is able to accept the challenge with ease and confidence. When we finally understand that the mind is incredibly resilient and has the ability to change how our body moves, feels and reacts, everything becomes easier – this is when the real yoga starts, on our mat and in life. 


  • Prana Vashya Yoga helps us develop a profound level of stamina as well as great levels of physical, physiological and mental health. 

  • Strength, flexibility and balance are developed. 


  • More calm

  • Better sleep

  • Less reactivity

  • More discipline

  • Better breathing

  • Heightened focus

  • Increased energy / vitality

  • Increased awareness / more presence

  • Improved physical strength & flexibility

  • Overall increased sense of being in control

  • Higher level of confidence & determination

  • Increased ability to cope with stressful situations

  • Being able to reduce and eventually stop taking antidepressants 

  • Being able to take breaks from painkillers used to alleviate chronic pain




Learning the system > practice + theory

Dates: TBA

40 hours | 2hrs/session 

Mon. to Fri. | 6h30 - 8h30 am

300 €


Prana Vashya practice only.

Dates: TBA

20 hours | 2hrs/session

Mon. to Fri. | 6h30 - 8h30 am

100 €


This intensive includes Prana Vashya, Spine Strengthening & Flexibility and Pranayama Classes.

Dates: TBA 

40 hours | 2hrs/session

Mon. to Fri. | 6h30 - 8h30 am

300 €

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