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Private Classes

Personalized approach to your practice

One-hour session: 60 euros

6 x one-hour sessions: 300 euros

8 x one-hour sessions: 360 euros

Personalized videos to follow at home sent weekly: 100 euros/month

Downward Facing Dog

Private sessions are not only convenient, but also allow for a personalized approach. 

As with other programs and courses, at the beginning I always recommend that you commit to at least 2 sessions per week for a minimum of 4 weeks. This is so real-lasting benefits are felt and progress actually takes place. I want our time spent together to matter. With time, and as your body and mind get used to the practices you'll start to gain autonomy and will be able to have a self practice at home. By then you can opt to stop your private sessions or have them more spaced out. 

These sessions are good if:

  • You've been wanting to try the Prana Vashya Intensive 4-week Program but: 

  1. don't feel yet ready for a daily commitment,

  2. are ready for a daily commitment but completely new to yoga and prefer to explore the sequence at a slower pace before joining one of the PV Intensives.

  • Have joined one or more of the PV Intensives but would like to explore the system more in-depth regarding not only the physical practice but also the theory behind the intention of this practice.

  • Want to explore practices other than Prana Vashya with a personalized approach - maybe you want to focus on a specific part of your body, or want to combine a physical practice with breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques etc.

  • You're completely new to yoga and have taken the smart (and safe) choice to start out with private classes before joining group classes. 

  • You're feeling a little lost in some area of your life and need someone to talk to, to motivate, guide and coach you.

I'm here for you! Get in touch to book a session and more information. 

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