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 Course for mental & physical resilience. 


I hope you have the patience to read through this. It's important you understand what Prana Vashya is before embarking on this journey. If you don't have the patience though, in a nutshell, the Prana Vashya 4-Week Intensive is a program that is very challenging on the body and mind. Once cracked though it gifts you health & resilience like you might have never experience before.

Developing physical & mental resilience

Till date I'm yet to find a tool that is as effective for my mental health as Prana Vashya is. The effects of this practice are so profound I sometimes find it hard to explain. And although I understand this isn't a style of yoga that suits every person I genuinely just want everyone to try it.

Prana Vashya was developed by Vinay Kumar, an outstanding human and Indian teacher from Mysore, with whom I've been training every year since 2015.

The primary series of the Prana Vashya System are a 90-minute fixed sequence that includes the practice of sun salutations plus 60 asanas which are always practiced in the same order and respecting a continuous, steady and synchronized rhythm of breath which we call flow. 

Little stressors in life become big when our minds are weak!

In life we go through physical, mental and emotional challenges on a daily basis - at work, at home, in society, in our relationships with our family, friends, and partners, and even in the relationship we have with our own selves. I think everyone can relate to this. These daily stressors require us to be patient, dedicated, present, to work hard, and accept that things are constantly changing. We don't always have this capacity though. The days we wake up feeling good normally go by without much trouble. The days we wake up in a mood or where something stressful happens will feel more challenging. We are at the mercy of our emotions.

How good would it be if we had the capacity to go through our days facing these normal challenges with a calm mind? How good would it be if instead of having an emotional reaction to every thing that stresses us we had the ability to take a step back and take effective actions without disturbing our emotional wellbeing?

I'm not proposing we all turn into emotionless machines. I'm suggesting we don't waste our precious, beautiful life getting constantly worked up over things that not only are normal but in the grand scheme of things are actually very minor.  

Having control over our mind allows us more energy to focus on the important things in life.

When our mind is healthy we feel good and do good.


Think of Prana Vashya as a vaccine. During the practice of Prana Vashya we introduce stress to the body and mind with the intention of becoming immune to it. The stress is introduced at various levels:

Vasculature of the Heart


we affect the rhythm of our heart by exposing the body to a practice that is physically challenging,


we alternate the space our lungs have to breathe between limited and expansive by putting our bodies in different shapes

Lungs Sketch
Brain Sketch


we affect the nervous system by going through different levels of stress during the sequence


we affect the pattern of our breath as our mind morphes through different states during practice

Image by Robina Weermeijer

This practice feels very challenging at the beginning. This is true. However with time, dedication and a regular practice every single person learns to control their mind, their breath and their body and is able to accept the challenge with ease and confidence. When we finally understand how powerful and resilient we really are we become able to control the mind to the point of determining how our body moves, feels and reacts and everything becomes easier – this is when the real yoga starts, on our mat and in life.


  • High levels of stamina

  • Strength, flexibility & balance

  • ​Physical, physiological & mental health


  • More calm

  • Better sleep

  • Less reactivity

  • More discipline

  • Better breathing

  • Heightened focus

  • Increased energy / vitality

  • Increased awareness / more presence

  • Improved physical strength & flexibility

  • Overall increased sense of being in control

  • Higher level of confidence & determination

  • Increased ability to cope with stressful situations

  • Being able to reduce and eventually stop taking antidepressants 

  • Being able to take breaks from painkillers used to alleviate chronic pain


The Prana Vashya program is intense but every second is worth it. My physical condition improved, I got my flexibility back while building strength.

Michelle has a gift of sharing her knowledge in an approachable, understandable and truly enlightened way. Excellent classes and great attention to detail! Amazing focus on breath synchronised with movement also a clear guidance of body awareness and grounding.

At the end of each class, after almost 2 hours of a demanding physical practice, I found myself more relaxed, and with a great reserve of energy for my working day. I guess that’s where we start to find out how the mind can control the body.

Michelle is an amazing teacher, she is patient, gentle yet powerful. She gives you a precise understanding of the asanas, while taking into account each body and the experience of each person.

I feel strongly now that doing something like this 4 week Prana Vasha Yoga course is the way yoga is meant to be taught. It was an amazing reset for me.

…it was however her authoritative and firm voice that got me through the hard and intense parts of the practice and this is where Prana Vasha really began to make sense to me and I saw the real benefits developing; the strength of the mind.

…she has created a really special space for practicing that is friendly and homely but also filled with such strong intentions and focussed energy. I realise the relationship of Student to teacher is sooo important for yoga. The balance of instruction and self exploration/intuition was so nice and taught me to trust myself.

…taking in account our own limitations and pushing us to the limits she already knew that could be accomplished. It was a real pleasure watching her demonstrating, performing, and teaching how each one of us could mentally and physically develop.


If you're new to Prana Vashya Yoga you will want to join the 4-week PV Intensive for Beginners. If you are familiar with the sequence you can join the Intermediate course (check details at the bottom of this page). Prana Vashya classes are every day from Monday to Friday in the morning only for 4 consecutive weeks. Check below what we do each week.



The focus will be on the body. These first two weeks of the intensive are dedicated to learning the sequence and understanding how to get into and hold the yoga postures part of the primary series of the Prana Vashya system. 

I work with every one individually which means I may be offering different variations of postures to each one depending on the student's own anatomical structure and needs.


As the postures become more natural and easy to perform, we start focusing on moving in and out of these shapes with our breath. We even start synchronizing our breath with the more subtle movements that happen when we hold postures. This aspect of practice requires a lot of concentration. When it happens though we effectively achieve a state of mind which is calm. This is our goal.


If you're interested in joining the next Prana Vashya 4-Week Intensive send me an email to Spots are normally limited as I like to keep batches small.




Learning the system | appropriate for anyone who isn't familiar with the PV sequence

Dates TBA

30 hours | 90min/session 

Mon. to Fri. | 6h30 - 8h00 am


This intensive includes Prana Vashya practice, Back Strength & Flexibility Classes and Pranayama Sessions. 

Dates TBA

30 hours | 90min/session

Mon. to Fri. | 6h30 - 8h00 am


Prana Vashya practice only

Dates TBA

15 hours | 90min/session

Mon. to Fri. | 6h30 - 8h00 am

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