A 4-week Yoga Program for a Calmer, Happier & Healthier YOU

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20 x Yoga Classes (vinyasa + Hatha)

Transform your body and mind by giving them the care they need with daily yoga classes, meditations, visualizations, breathing exercises & relaxations.

Improve in 12 Areas Of Life

Learn and understand the importance of 12 different areas of life that impact your wellbeing + easy steps to improve them.

Weekly Wellness Checklists

Keep track of and stay accountable to using the different strategies and steps to improve your life. Consistent action will make the difference.

Results in just 4 Weeks

When you commit to change on a daily basis you can expect to be feeling calmer, happier, healthier & stronger by the end of this program.

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This program will support you in finding a calmer, happier, and healthier version of yourself.

After feeling the consequences of three years of accumulated stress myself I decided it was time to make changes in my life. Even though I knew there were obviously things I had no control over, I also knew there were lots of little, but crucial things I could do better, in my day to day life. I made the research and put together all that worked for me plus some other things that even though don't resonate as much I know some of you will appreciate. You don't have to do all. Small but consistent change is what will make a difference.


This program is designed to last 4 weeks. It includes 20 yoga classes and 4 weeks worth of content focusing on practical solutions and simple interventions you can apply to your days that will help destress and reset your life.

The yoga classes have been recorded during the RTY live sessions on zoom and alternate between vinyasa, hatha with a focus on strength development and prana vashya yoga. Classes also include other yogic tools such as meditationbreathing exercises, visualizations and relaxation.

  • DAILY CLASSES: Ideally you will go through one yoga class per day preferably in the morning, 5 times per week, from Monday to Friday and rest during the weekends. 

  • 12 AREAS OF LIFE CONTENTThis is divided into 4 weekly themes - 3 subjects per week (check the content below). Read each theme the weekend before its respective week. Each subject covers easy-to-read information on the importance of that particular area of life together with easy steps to improve it. After you read about a particular subject, write what you have learned and plan which steps (from the suggested ones - you don't need to do all of them, small but consistant change is  better) you will start applying from that Monday onwards.  After 4 weeks of consistently implementing these changes they would have had an impact in your overall wellbeing.

  • WEEKLY CHECKLIST: At the bottom of this page you will find my list of suggested items you should definetely incorporate during this program. Make sure to check those every week. 




The 12 areas of life that impact your wellbeing



This is the Practical Solutions Content for your first week.

Make sure you go through it during the weekend before.




The things we eat are important to our psychological well-being. Our food choices affect the functioning of our minds to the same extent they affect the health of our hearts and stomachs. 

When we look at our meals, we need to start asking “Is this going to give my brain the information it needs to thrive? Or is it going to make it think it’s under attack and cause the body to throw its defenses up?”

This is the choice we make every time we put something in our mouths.

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Exercise helps bring down the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline and reduce inflammation.

 But like anything in life there needs to be a balance.

Exposure to a small amount of stress is good for the body while too much stress can actually be detrimental. When done in the right dose though, exercise, sends your brain information that you're THRIVING.

Outdoor Fitness


Since the advent of artificial light, our body rhythms have been knowcked out.

These rhythms we live by nowadays are information. Make that information chaotic and the body will respond by switching into stress mode. 

Sleeping with Eye Mask


This is the Practical Solutions Content for your second week.

Make sure you go through it during the weekend before.




Our smart phones are responsible for more daily stresses than anything else in our lives. Technology is not a bad thing in itself. It's powerful and can do a lot of good. But with great power comes great responsibility, and I believe most of us are evading it. In doing so, we're harming ourselves.

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Getting outside into the open air is a great antidote to technology.
Being in nature tells your brain and body you're in a restful place. Your smartphone on the other hand produces an abundance of information that tells your brain you're in a realm of anxiety and pressure.



I don't know of a quicker, more effective way of reducing stress than consciously breathing. And incredibly this is something we all have access to, all the time, and yet so much of our lives today conspire to prevent us from doing it properly.

Meditate at home


This is the Practical Solutions Content for your third week.

Make sure you go through it during the weekend before.




We're living in a world that's become averse to touch. While there are reasons for this, I worry that we've gone too far. Humans are mammals, and touch is part of our deepest mammalian systems.

Couple Hugging


Rather than expecting romance, I believe that adults should instead focus on intimacy. Being intimate with our partners and loved ones has great benefits for all involved.

Romantic Couple


Humans are not designed to be alone. We've evolved to live our lives as individual members of a large, supportive group.

Old Friends


This is the Practical Solutions Content for your forth week.

Make sure you go through it during the weekend before.



10.the 3 habits of calm

Affirmations, Reframing & Gratitude
These are three simple actions I'd like for you to try daily during this next week and notice whether it makes a difference in how you experience your days.

Image by Amy Shamblen


If you did a brutal analysis of your day, you'd probably be shocked to find how much time you waste on social media, emails, or just procrastinating until you have no choice but to get things done. Scheduling your time helps you prioritize the most important things you need to do as well as find time to do the things you love.



Finding your purpose isn't about adopting some grand project. It's not about changing the world, becoming a millionaire, or writting a best-selling novel. It's about making a bit of space in your day to nourish the thing that most needs looking after and which you've probably been neglecting for too many years: YOU!

Nature Walk


Throughout this program there are some lifestyle changes I am going to suggest you apply to your life. They are just suggestions, but I highly recommend you give them a go. Our goal is to feel calmer, happier, and healthier by the end of week 4, and that's gonna take more than just practicing yoga. :)

Week 1 Check List

Here's the list of items to check for week 1.

Week 2 check list

Here's the list of items to check for week 2. These are added to your week 1 list, so continue checking those as well.

Week 3 Check List

Here's the list of items to check for week 3. You will notice that it didn't change from week 2. Sometimes less is more. Stay consistent with your actions. More items will be added on week 4.

week 4 check list

Here's the list of items to check for week 4. These are added to your week 1 & 2 list, so continue checking those as well. There were no added items on week 3.


"Thank you so much for an amazing 4 weeks. I have absolutely LOVED it. I feel different, no kidding. I am eating better, my skin is looking better, I am more aware of how I am feeling, my body (and mind) feel better for the breathwork and practice each day. I am really going to try to keep up my morning practice."

Ali Dougan

Image by Caroline Veronez

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