Spine Strengthening & Flexibility Program

Developing STABILITY & MOBILITY for the spine

No two spines are the same. And no two people have the exact same anatomical structure. What your spine is capable of doing may be completely different from what another spine can do. Nevertheless all spines need a healthy amount of stress to remain functional throughout our lives, just like any other tissue in our bodies.


  1. STABILITY: spine provides stability through the core of our body, allowing forces to be transmitted from the upper body (arms and shoulders) to the lower body (pelvis and legs) and vice versa.

  2. MOBILITY: spine allows for tremendous range of movement.



The shape of our body dictates what we can and cannot do physically. You are unlike anybody else in this world. And what your body can do is also unique. Some of the things you can do are similar to what others can do, but you can’t do every posture in yoga—no one can. There may be many postures that are easy for you, some that are more challenging and some that are honestly dangerous to even attempt. During this program I will work with every one individually which means I may be offering different sets of postures to each one depending on your own anatomical structure and needs. 


The intention behind all postures practiced during the program will be to generate an effect in the body and not to look good in a posture. Focusing on a functional approach to your practice will allow you to not even try to achieve a particular shape if it doesn’t generate a benefit for you or is dangerous for you given your unique anatomical structure. For this purpose we will learn the intention behind each posture and then practice with attention so we can observe that we are generating the intended effect in the body and know when it is appropriate to go further and when it is wiser to stop or back off.

Spine STABILITY is needed before MOBILITY. In this program we will work on both concepts.


This program is based off Vinay Kumar’s renowned Back Bending classes - a method of overall flexility and strengthening techniques he has developed over the past 23 years. 

Sessions are of two hours long and include starting prayers, a fixed set of warm-up exercises, a flexibility and/or strengthening sequence (these vary), shavasana (relaxation), finishing prayers and some time for questions in the end. 

Our first week will be dedicated to explore the foundation postures for spine strength and flexibility. The second week will have a more personalized approach and depending on each individual’s needs and characteristics some postures will be added to their practice. 

These sequences are not a flow - practitioner is allowed to relax in between postures to feel and integrate their effect.

Some foundation postures we will work on are: Bhujangasana (cobra), Ustrasana (camel), Dhanurasana (bow). Some more advanced postures we will work on during second week are: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (pigeon) and Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel). 

By the end of the program you will have your own set sequence for maintaining / developing flexibility, strength and balance in a functional, effective, and safe way. I recommend you continue practicing your sequence at home twice a week. This set sequence will support you in your daily activities as well as in your regular asana practice


Practitioner must have a regular physical practice. If you are completely new to physical exercise this program might not be suitable for you. In that case I advice that you first start by adding some movement to your days either through any good yoga practice (Prana Vashya for instance), or any other type of exercise that works to develop a good foundation for a basic level of strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness. 

This program is not advisable for practitioners with severe spinal injuries. If you think you might have a spinal condition that could limit your practice and still want to enroll send me an e-mail explaining your condition and we’ll decide if this program will be of benefit to your body. I recommend you have a check up with your doctor beforehand.

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TBA | 16-hour Course
2hrs/session | Mon, Tue, Thu, & Fri
200 €

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