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Yoga Session

Build your STRENGTH & CONFIDENCE while uncovering the WARRIOR within you.

Fit Woman

The Woman Warrior

In this course we learn and practice a dynamic sequence that builds physical strength, flexibility and balance.

Within 4 weeks your body will become STRONGER and your mind CALMER and more FOCUSED. 

  • 4 weeks | 30 hours | 90min/day

  • Very intimate and personalized (very small group) 

  • Warm, welcoming & friendly environment

  • Women only

DATES: Nov. 21st - Dec. 16th
SCHEDULE: Mon. - Fri. 7:00 - 8:30
LOCATION: Stoke Newington N16 7RA
PRICE: £350


A word on how
The Woman Warrior
came about

Even though I’ve had men attend my courses and classes in the past, I’ve always felt more excited about witnessing women blossom and gain confidence in themselves in the course of us working together.


When I had a miscarriage and then got pregnant with my daughter and through the pregnancy up to giving birth and becoming a stay-at-home-mom taking care of Mali mostly on my own, I was confronted with two facts:


  • The first one is the unbelievable and undeniable STRENGTH women possess. I feel the world doesn’t acknowledge enough the magnificence of a woman and what she is capable of. 


  • The second is the enormous disadvantage women face in society and the load they silently carry in terms of physical, emotional and mental challenges


It truly saddens me that such beautiful and powerful beings are so often led by the world into becoming quiet, insecure, believing they must come last, many times not even daring to dream of better things for themselves. 


A big part of my work as a yoga teacher is to help my students become STRONGER and more CONFIDENT. Specifically, my goal is that they become in control of their lives and that they feel empowered to claim whatever is right for them. I've been doing that through the hosting of intensive programs where we practice a dynamic style of yoga called Prana Vashya.


I haven’t taught in person in over two years and for my comeback I was planning on keeping the format that has always worked. Every time I was about to announce the intensive though it never felt quite right. I believe, in life we should always share what we best have to offer at any given moment. Truth is, I’ve changed a lot in the last two years and that change should be reflected in my work too. 


Even though the purpose of my work remains the same, it is WOMEN I am being led to work with. Women have a different type of language, a different type of receptivity, a different type of endurance and they also have the most beautiful way of blossoming, when given the right environment.


My new program THE WOMAN WARRIOR follows a sequence very similar to the Prana Vashya primary series (which you can check here) with just a few tweaks and some added tools other than asana. It was all designed with the intention of supporting women build their STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE as they uncover the beautiful WARRIOR in them. 


I’m keeping this first THE WOMAN WARRIOR very small and intimate. I will be hosting it at my space of practice in our new home in London, accepting only 4 women in my class. It is going to be very special and I’m very excited about the journey I will go on with this first group of warriors. 


If you feel this is for you and want to join THE WOMAN WARRIOR send me an email or text on WhatsApp to book your spot. 


WhatsApp: +351 932 543 446



During this program I will work with every woman individually which means I may be offering different postures or variations to each one depending on their own anatomical structure and needs.


This course is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. It's that minor stress you encounter every day during practice that will build your confidence & resilience. Nonetheless this is a practice for women. And women are cyclical. There will be open communication between us and I will encourage you to slow down or rest completely when it makes sense to you and your body.



We will come together for 4 consecutive weeks to learn and practice a dynamic sequence that builds physical strength, flexibility and balance.

Our sessions are early in the morning which is when our minds are more susceptible to being positively impacted.

Sessions are of 90 minutes each day from Monday to Friday.



The focus will be on the body. These first two weeks of the intensive are dedicated to learning the sequence and understanding how to get into and hold the yoga postures. 


As the postures become more natural and easy to perform, we start focusing on moving in and out of these shapes with our breath. We even start synchronizing our breath with the more subtle movements that happen when we hold postures. This aspect of practice requires a lot of concentration. When it happens though we effectively achieve a state of mind which is calm. This is our goal. From a calm mind emerges confidence and determination.


If you're interested in joining THE WOMAN WARRIOR Intensive send me an email to Spots are VERY limited.



In Stoke Newington N16 7RA

90min/day | 30-hour Course

Mon. to Fri. | 7h00 - 8h30am

Nov. 21st to Dec. 16th


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